I have a friend that often asks me where does our art come from? 

Some days I create because I have a project with a specific deadline. That's work. Some days it is just for the joy of making something that I truly love to look at. During that process I don't wonder if anyone will like it, understand it, or want it. The important thing is that I love it when it's finished. I don't say that to be flip. I have created off and on for my whole life and I have never, ever had a realization of why I have the talent I have, or the mind I have, why I want to create, or anything else that might lead to an understanding of my work. 

Other than...

I never expected this lifetime to be about a spiritual search, but that's what it has been. It's been an ongoing evolving discovery. It is deeply personal, but also I think inherent in every human that we search for something, at some point - some wonderment- some something other than our limited thoughts. I guess that makes it universal. 

I can only guess is that my creating visual works expresses my search. The path I have walked, or the evolution of my spiritual understandings, or how I wish my world existed on the outside, or I have this talent and it shouldn't be wasted. 

Possibly it could be that my Self is desiring to please itself by creating. Somewhere it is written that we were made in the image of our creator. We have been given the gift of creation, that's the image.